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Life in the home


The home recognizes that leisure is an important and integral part of life and human development, regardless of age. Leisure is a gateway to growth and personal fulfillment. The leisure department is committed to planning and organizing activities and leisure programs for residents.

Several activities are part of the residents’ everyday life:
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entertainment in the gazebo

baking cupcakes

folding towels

going to church

music and dance


roasting marshmallows

games and entertainment


bus outings

Pastoral services


Pastoral services, along with the activities services, the priest of the Baker Brook parish and volunteers, organize the weekly mass for residents and families. The service can offer spiritual support and guidance for residents and families.   


The role of family


Family plays a vital role with the home’s staff members in meeting the resident’s needs. It is therefore essential to maintain rapports with the family and establish relationships between the home and the resident’s family.  

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