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For the

well-being of residents

Our priority is to provide quality services to residents as well as effectively meet their needs.

Care Services

Internal medical care


Foyer Ste-Élizabeth retained the services of two visiting physicians who alternate visits. A physician visits the nursing home each week and at the request of nurses when required. Families can meet with the physician during their visit. One of our physicians is on call 24/7.

The medical staff must ensure a high level of ongoing medical care to the residents of Foyer Ste-Élizabeth, as well as optimal medical supervision, based on the patient’s age, illness or condition, thus heeding to the home’s mission to meet the residents’ healthcare needs.


If a resident prefers the services of another physician, they must notify the management of the nursing department that will make the necessary arrangements.


External medical care


The nursing home coordinates appointments with a dentist, optometrist, oculist, ophthalmologist, audiologist, podiatrist, or any other health specialist. Transportation can be arranged to drive residents to their appointment, with a member of the staff and/or the residents’ bus (as required). However, families are responsible for transportation costs as well as the salaries of the staff involved.




Pharmacy services are provided by Familiprix in Clair. To optimize service logistics, all prescriptions are issued by one of the two visiting physicians on staff and are filled by a single pharmacy, the one in Clair.




The nursing department meets the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of residents. The nursing model is based on the fourteen (14) fundamental needs according to Virginia Henderson’s conceptual model, which include: drink, eat, dress, move, communicate with others, keep the body clean, sleep and rest, worship according to one’s faith, learn, etc.




Physiotherapy and occupational therapy services are provided by the Extra-Mural Program staff by prescription. Foyer Ste-Élizabeth also offers an internal rehabilitation service in collaboration with the Extra-Mural Program.

Food Services



A professional dietician ensures that the residents’ dietary needs are met. This person also holds the position of Food Services Manager.




Food services aim to offer a high-quality meal service at a reasonable cost, while following acceptable meal preparation procedures, under sanitary conditions, using qualified staff.




Housekeeping services ensure and promote the quality of life of residents, employees and visitors. Ensuring, promoting and maintaining the cleanliness, hygiene and tidiness of the building and its surroundings according to established procedures is the goal of this department.




Laundry services must provide residents with clean clothes, in accordance with provincial health standards.



Maintenance services aim to ensure the comfort and promote the well-being and safety of residents, employees and visitors, through ongoing preventive maintenance of installations and equipment.



The accountant offers bookkeeping services for all residents. Families and/or the person responsible for the resident may delegate all resident-related accounting to the accountant. All monthly expenses are recorded and deducted from each resident’s comfort allowance. Direct debit from the resident’s bank account may be authorized for nursing home costs.

Additional Services

Volunteer Work


Volunteers are involved in developing and maintaining an environment favorable to the enrichment of Foyer Ste-Élizabeth residents and the respect of human dignity towards residents. Many people give generously of their time to make life even more pleasant for residents. 




A hairdresser is available each week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She offers all hairdressing services, such as perms, cuts, style, etc. Hairdressing costs are charged to residents and deducted from their comfort allowance.



Foyer Ste-Élizabeth offers an accessible bus service for seniors and individuals with reduced mobility. The objective of the transportation service is to make the best possible use of the bus, both for residents and individuals with reduced mobility living in the rural area of Upper-Madawaska and the village of Lac Baker.

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